The Odyssey Preparatory Academy

Sayrah Meredith, Track and Field Star at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy

The Odyssey Preparatory Academy’s Track and Field Club is expanding year over year. They currently have 128 scholars participating in this club. They teach the students about the importance of keeping hydrated and to do warm up exercises before they run. All the students participate in a 100-yard dash race, 100-yard hurdle race, and they get introduced to the baton …

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Jillian Trent, 3rd Grader at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy, Follows Core Values

“Jillian is a scholar ambassador to the administration and an example of our Odyssey Core Values to the public. She has a variety of responsibilities including morning announcements and presenting awards at our school wide celebration. She is an excellent scholar and an example to her peers.”-Ken Olsen, Principal What are some of the responsibilities you have at your school? One …

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