Horizon Community Learning Center

Horizon Honors High School’s First Boys Volleyball Team

What made you want to join Horizon Honors High School’s first ever Boys Volleyball Team?
 Volleyball has always been a true passion for me. I have had great experiences with friends, and I even use volleyball skills in other sports such as basketball. You are one of the co-captains, what is that like? To be a captain, it’s very stressful to …

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Manu Kondapi Presents at The Arizona Science and Engineering Fair

“I’ve been interning for the SCENE Research Program for the past two years- this year, as a member of Professor Newman’s lab at ASU, I’ve been working with the superconducting properties of niobium. Basically, I’m growing samples of niobium with different amounts of oxygen to see how the critical temperature of Nb is affected. I’ll be compiling a research paper …

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Horizon Community Learning Center Junior, Bennett Wood

This is Zona’s first month working withHorizon Community Learning Center (HCLC) and we are so excited! HCLC wanted to highlight this incredible 11th grader, Bennett Wood. Bennett has been attending HCLC for 12 years. Here is what he had to say. What are you working on this quarter? What is the most exciting thing you are working on this quarter? This …

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