St. Francis Xavier

Patrick Schramm, 8th Grader Receives Christian Service Award

Tell our readers what your Arrupe Project is about? The Arrupe Project is named after Pedro Arrupe, S.J who was considered the “Second Founder” of a group of Catholics known as the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits. In 1975, Father Arrupe was instrumental in establishing one of the major teachings of the Jesuits; that a Jesuit education should be designed …

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Local Schools To Show Support For Canalscape Initiative

Written by:Rana Roudi, Phoenix Country Day School Junior Dirt roads stretching on for miles. Greenish-blue water slowly rolling by. The hot Arizona sun beaming down on the open path and the occasional biker or pedestrian cruising by. Arizona’s canals have been cast in a negative light. Treated like ditches or alleyways, they are often overlooked. But the metropolitan area of …

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St. Francis Xavier 8th Graders win Catholic Community Foundation Christian Service Award

St. Francis Xavier School is pleased to announce the 2014 Christian Service Award Recipients Phoenix, AZ –  St. Francis Xavier School congratulates eighth grade students Alex Fessler, Allison Scardello, Maddie Reinhart, Patrick Schramm and Tatiana Rosales for being awarded the Catholic Community Foundation Christian Service Award.  The CCF Christian Service Awards recognize practicing Catholic 8th Grade Students who demonstrate Christ-centered behavior …

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