Creighton Schools

Meet Tavion, Yoalli, MariaSeventh Graders at Papago Elementary

For #SchoolChoiceWeek students from Papago Elementary visited the AZ State Capitol to help promote the great things happening at Creighton and show off their skills with the Papago coding and robotics program! 22,998 total views, 481 views today

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Creighton Now Offers Gifted and Talented Program

Designing, Building and Launching Rockets I Coding Programs for Robots 
I Testing Hypothesis What do these four things have in common? They are all activities that the students in Creighton School District’s Gifted and Talented program participated in throughout
this past year. The program is provided at all nine schools within the district and has
a multi-tiered approach to meeting the needs …

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Gardens at ALL Nine Creighton School District Schools

Through a partnership with The Be Kind People Project and the Fiesta Bowl, salsa gardens have been planted at all nine of our schools. The gardens are tended to by students and STEAM curriculum has been developed to teach kids about horticulture as well as how to make healthy food choices. At the end of the year, students are able …

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