Zoe Wins Pre-Teen Actress of the Year” Award

Zoe is an aspiring actress, especially in comedy. She spent last spring living in LA after winning the “Pre-Teen Actress of the Year” award and taking home top places in other divisions at a national acting competition.

Q. Tell us about your “Pre-Teen Actress of the Year” award?

A. I went to LA and competed against 2,000 other kids. It was cool because I got to stay in LA for a whole week and act for agents and talent managers. They chose one preteen who stood out all week long and when I was called up to the stage as a top 10 finialist, I thought “wow, that’s cool!” Then as the award announcer kept giving away the top places, I was still standing and didn’t realize that I won until the second place girl pointed at me! I honestly was excited to be in the top 10, so winning the whole thing was just so amazing. I received a cash award and a trophy.

Q. What have been some of your acting roles?

A. I have played a fifth grader, which was obviously very easy! I played the role of a serial killers daughter – that sounds creepy and as I learned more about the story, it was very weird to know that the kids had no idea about the things their dad did. My favorite role was a girl who travels back in time to save her parents from never meeting – if they had not met, I wouldn’t be alive. The most recent role I played was the director in a remake of Jurassic Park, called Dino Park. It was a lot of fun.

Q. Tell us about your “Best Actress” award at the 2015 Arizona Almost Famous Film Festival?

A. I have been in several short films for N’Raged Media. There are several 24 or 48-hour film challenges that the director, Adolpho, casts me for because he knows I’ll work hard. For my role in Timeline Two, I shot for 15 hours and never complained! Well, there were about 12 other films that were previews at the Almost Famous Film Festival and of all the short films I was the Best Actress! No other film had kids and the other grown up women were really good. I was so excited to get the award and had so much fun making the movie.

Q. How do you feel when you win an award for acting?

A. I am happy and totally surprised! I love making movies and playing parts and it makes me very proud when someone else likes my work. Making movies is hard and exhausting. So getting noticed is pretty awesome.

Q. Do you ever get stage freight?

A. No, but my parents do! Seriously, my dad was more nervous than me when I was competing in LA. I just go in to any audition as myself and if casting doesn’t pick me, it’s not me – it’s them. They have an idea of what they want and some days it is just not me. I know that’s how it works and that’s fine. I keep trying.

Q. Do you want to pursue acting your entire life?

A. Yes, there is not anything else I want to do. I love comedy and would be happy if I could make movies or TV shows. I also love scary movies and my goal is to make a horror film.

Q. If you could act in any TV show or on stage production, what would it be?

A. I love Paranormal Activity and my ideal role is to play the creepy girl! The scarier the better!! I would also love to play in Law and Order: SVU. Love that show!

Zoe attends Madison Traditional Academy and she is in the sixth grade.



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