Zoe Talks About Her Passion for Volunteering

Q. You have volunteered multiple times. Tell us about them?

A. I love volunteering at St. Vincent De Paul children’s tutoring area. When the children read a whole book by themselves, they are so joyful. It is that connection that is made with volunteering that I love. I enjoy going to the local food banks and giving my time to assemble food boxes. Throughout the year, I volunteer my time to help the CAL Foundation give household items, food and toys for the less fortunate of the Phoenix area.

Q. What aspect of volunteering do you enjoy most?

A. What I enjoy most about my volunteering is making connections with the children. It is through volunteering for various nonprofits in my community that I feel I have made a small difference in their young lives. My goal is to give them hope and inspire them.

Q. You are also involved in volleyball tell us about that?

A. I have played competitive volleyball for many years. I love my team and serve as their team captain. Since I have been on this competitive team, I have played outside hitter and middle positions. I volunteer as line judge too in various tournaments. Since my first serve, I have loved the game. Currently, I am training to play sand volleyball. I am excited to learn sand volleyball and meet other players.

Q. You serve as an altar for your school. What is this? How did you get involved with this?

A. I am an altar server for St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Community. I assist our priest(s) during mass with various tasks on the altar. In 3rd grade, my pastor asked me to assist him at mass and I have served my parish and the priest(s) ever since. Serving my parish and priest(s) on the altar keeps me closer to Jesus Christ and my faith. It is a great way to show my love for God and give back.

Q. If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?

A. If I could have any superpower in the world, I would pick a super healing power. I would be able to heal the wounded, powerless and those who suffer all over the world.

Zoe is an eighth grader at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic School



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