Zoe Preparing to be an Engineer


Zoe is a fourth grader at Bethany Christian School, where she has been attending since kindergarten. With her kind heart and many years at BCS, Zoe is a friend to all! She is quite diverse in her interests, which include math, music, computers, and sports. She particularly has a passion for engineering and design thinking, and hopes to be an engineer herself someday. The STEM program at BCS certainly provides inspiration!

Q. Zoe, what is your favorite thing about Bethany Christian School?

A. Math with Mrs. Thorneycroft. It’s my favorite subject.

Q. Why is math your favorite subject?

A. Because I just like math, and because I want to be an engineer.

Q. What kind of engineer?

A. I want to design a flying car, a transforming car that doesn’t run on gas, and all types of other transforming gadgets and stuff.

Q. What other subjects do you like?

A. I like music because you get to do a lot of fun things with Mrs. Alexander.

Q. Tell me about some of the activities you’ve been involved in at BCS.

A. I’ve done Mighty Cats soccer for 4 years. I’ve done Mighty Cats basketball for 3 years, and then in the 5th grade I am going to want to do girls basketball team.

Q. What would you say to a student who is thinking about attending BCS next year?

A. You’ll have fun here, and you get to do a lot of fun specials. We have fun art projects we do, and we have fun music and computer activities to do.



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