Zachary Talks Traveling Hockey Team

How long have you played hockey?

I have played hockey for four years.

What position do you play?

This is my first year playing for a travel team as a defenseman.

You switched to travel hockey, tell our readers about that?

Travel hockey is more competitive and you have to practice a lot more and this will give me an opportunity to improve my game.

What different places have you traveled to?

I will be traveling to Las Vegas in October to play in a tournament and I am very excited

What has been your favorite place to play hockey?

My favorite place to play hockey is at the Gila River Arena in Glendale where the Arizona Coyotes play.  The ice is great there!

What would you say is your best skill on the ice?

I would say that skating is my best skill on the ice.

When you are not traveling and playing hockey, what do you do for fun?

When not playing hockey, I enjoy swimming and playing with my pet gecko.

Zachary is a fifth grader at Freedom Academy.



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