Zach is Becoming Bilingual with the Help of His School

Zach’s charm and zest for life bring a smile to everyone he meets. His energy and enthusiasm kick in the moment he wakes up and last all day. He will tell you that he has infinite energy! After school, he pounds the drums, practices parkour, and plays soccer and basketball. Zach’s enthusiastic approach to life is contagious and he keeps everyone laughing.

Q. Spanish is your second language at ISA, what are learning right now in Spanish?

A. I am learning timetable of five in Mate (math).

Q. You have many after school activities tell us about them? Which one is your favorite?

A. Parkour is my favorite because I like climbing and jumping off big buildings. We also play games at the end.

Q. What has been your favorite thing about attending ISA?

A. That you can speak different languages and that you get three recesses!

Q. Do you have any special plans this summer?

A. I am going to go to Mexico. I’ll have my eighth birthday party. And I will go to Minnesota to see my friends.

Q. What do you think is one thing that makes you a great kid?

A. I am smart and always happy.

Zach is a second grader at International School of Arizona.



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