Xavier Mentoring Club

Xavier Mentoring Club is an after school club at Xavier College Preparatory. This club offers Xavier high school students the opportunity to mentor and tutor the elementary and middle school kids at their neighboring school, Saint Francis Xavier. The club meets for fifty minutes after school every Wednesday on the Saint Francis campus. The Xavier mentors help Saint Francis kids from all grades study and finish their homework, as well as talk and form friendships. This club encourages bonds and relationships between the kids and the Xavier students that are really special and make the club unique. The club has been around for several years and has really made an impact on their local community.

Grace Halter (Public Relator, Junior) Interviews Mayra Taborda (Moderator Assistant, Senior)

Q. How long have you been in the club?

A. I have been part of the club for four years and have spent two years as moderator assistant.”

Q. What is your role as mentor entail?

A. Each Xavier mentor helps the students complete homework assignments such as understanding math problems and studying for tests. It’s also our job to help the kids focus on their homework but these kids generally are eager to get their work done.

Q. What is your favorite part of the club?

A. My favorite part of the club is basically helping form young minds and helping them learn to be better students.

Q. What does this club mean to you?

A. This club gives me a chance to teach younger kids and also allows me to positively influence them to get their work done.

Q. What are your main responsibilities as an officer?

A. My job as an officer is just to help out Ms. Donaldson [club moderator] and I also help out kids with homework.

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