Savannah Wix-Junior at Xavier, Gets Crowned

What did it feel like to be crowned Miss Arizona Teen USA?

It was unreal. Even for days after, it still didn’t seem real, but I knew my life had changed in an instant. Winning the crown has been my dream since I learned about it two years ago. It was so astonishing to be selected from such an amazing group of girls.

What types of things have changed in your life because of this?

My schedule is jam-packed!!! But I love being busy: it keeps me motivated. Since I am in my junior year of high school, it will be a challenge to keep up with my schoolwork, but my teachers and the faculty at Xavier College Prep have been so supportive of my endeavors.

What great things do you get to do with your new title?

I am so excited to have the opportunities that come with the title! Along with making appearances, I plan to speak to elementary and middle school students around the valley about bullying prevention and self-respect. I hope to volunteer at both Phoenix Children’s and John C. Lincoln Hospitals by entertaining sick children while playing guitar and singing. My number one goal is to sing the national anthem at a sporting event, a dream of mine since I was young! I will also have the chance to travel quite a bit. My first trip is to Atlanta, where I will meet Sherri Hill (my favorite dress designer ever) to design my national’s gown for Miss Teen USA. I am excited to shoot with several gifted photographers including Fadil Berisha, Georgina Vaughan, Michael Franco, Brenna Heater, and Justin Grant. But most of all, I am looking forward to representing Arizona in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

What is in store for you in the next five years?

After I finish high school, I aim to attend a university that offers music studies. Even though I’m not exactly sure what I want to do as a career, I know it will somehow involve music. If I end up going down another road, it will probably involve sciences or medicine. But music is my life, really. I can’t picture myself living without it because it’s what makes me happiest.



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