Wyatt Succeeds at Brightmont Academy

Just over two years ago, Wyatt was having a difficult time in school. He wasn’t turning in his work, he was disrupting class and he was getting D’s and F’s. His mother was concerned because she knew he was not going to succeed in the traditional school model, but she didn’t know where to turn.

When he was younger, Wyatt was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and although he is very intelligent and a quick learner, she knew he needed more one-to-one attention to be successful. She began looking for another option, and she found Brightmont Academy’s one-to-one instruction approach very appealing. His mother decided to enroll Wyatt, and now he has been attending Brightmont Academy for two years and three months. He is nearly done with his eight grade classes and is already working on ninth grade math.

Carolee said she has not found any other school in the area that supports students in the same way, and she loves that Wyatt can work at his own pace. Wyatt is thrilled to be in a place where he feels supported.

“Brightmont Academy has been a tremendous help, and has relieved me emotionally as a parent just knowing that the teachers are patient, understanding, real people, and they love working with the students,” Carolee said. “They seem to find teachers that are extremely intelligent and are really good with kids who have special situations. My son loves his teachers, loves working with them and loves being around them. They are excellent role models and are extremely supportive. “I would not trade it for anything.” 



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