Writing and Sports Combine for Success for Braxton Fox

Tell us about yourself and your involvement in Career and Technical Education at Estrella Foothills High School.

I first got involved with the CTE program when I was freshman and showed up at the first broadcast media meeting of the 2011-2012 school year.  I didn’t know a whole lot about filming nor making videos, but I was always told it should be something I consider.  I enjoyed it, I learned a lot and I still use an abundance of the skills I learned from the upperclassmen that were in the club.  However, filming wasn’t entirely what I was looking for. I wanted something more.  The next year I found the club known as FBLA.  They say that there is a time in everyone’s life where something ‘clicks,’ and that was my time.  I found a club I enjoyed.  I not only enjoyed it, but I absorbed information like a sponge.  I learned new business skills; I learned leadership qualities and found a group of people that I shared many common interests with.  Since that day early in my sophomore year, I have done more and more events in FBLA.  I represent them in numerous events around the school and community, as well as at our regional and State conferences. I am the current president of our FBLA Chapter.  Another club that I wish not to neglect is SkillsUSA.  SkillsUSA is an extraordinary organization in the fact that they bring together almost every group of CTE classes on campus; Culinary, Broadcasting, Drafting, Theater, Manufacturing and countless others.  They bring together a vast number of students who all add their own unique perspectives and skills into the mix.  I currently hold the position of ‘Journalism Representative.’  I am essentially connecting all of the happenings and ideas of the club to the Multi-Media Journalism class and its students.

What other activities are you involved in at EFHS?

I have been a four year Varsity Golfer and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I not only love the game of golf, but also the other guys on the team, for me, they have grown to be my extended family.  I hope to pursue golf in college, if possible.  I am also the ‘Director of Student Activities’ for the Student Government at EFHS.  We are in charge of planning Homecoming each year as well as increasing and maintaining school spirit.  Lastly, but certainly not least, I am the current President of the EFHS National Honor Society (NHS for Short).  I am greatly appreciative of the opportunities that I have been given by my peers and with every passing day I attempt to do my best to create new ways to improve, innovate and incorporate everyone at our school.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up?

My aspirations at the moment are to become a sports/multi-media journalist.  I have always been a student who looks forward to doing writing assignments.  I enjoy writing in general, I enjoy the unique perspectives you can take as well as putting words behind any wild, spontaneous dreams that you can ponder.  Writing, unlike most subjects in school, is truly only limited to what your imagination can think up.  This, along with my passion for sports, makes for the perfect balance in a career.  I have been around sports as well as played sports my entire life.  I was a four-sport athlete growing up, participating in baseball, basketball, golf, along with a smidgen of volleyball when I was young.  I only recently discovered my true love in golf.  My parents often refer to me as a “Walking Sports Encyclopedia.”  Bits and pieces of random sports knowledge I hear, I remember and absorb.  Why I decide to use valuable brain cells storing information like this instead of math expressions and scientific expressions I have no idea.  The ultimate factor in deciding what career I was to (and will) choose hinders greatly on what I love and have a passion for.  I wanted a career that would give me three things in my life: the ability to grow and improve, a job I could support my family with, and something that I wake up in the morning and look forward to doing.  That is what I believe becoming a Sports Journalist will give me that!

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after high school are, like most seniors, attend a four year university.  I have already begun my search to find not only the perfect mix of majors for my liking in Journalism and in Sports Management, but also where I would get an opportunity to play college golf.  Golf is something that I love to do both in competition and for recreation, and if given the chance I would love to play at the college level!  Another proposition that I would like to do when going to college is picking a college out of state.  I have lived in Arizona my entire life and a change after 18 years of the heat is something I hope to do.  My decision, however, is not based on the climate; my decision is in fact based off of my desire to go out an adventure.  I want to meet new people, witness how different the world outside of the Grand Canyon State really is and live life to its fullest!

What is your favorite thing about your school?

I love the vast array of people, backgrounds and points of view that you can meet.  I believe everyone at our school has something they can bring to the table, which is why I stress the importance of joining a CTSO, you never know what you will find and what you will accomplish in the process.  CTSO programs are not only built to help improve one’s skills in a specific field, but to also help connect and correspond with others with similar interests and aspirations.  We have (at our schools) the most valuable resource in our possessions, the future.  We need to take advantage and get as many of these young, talented students in beneficial programs such as our CTSOs and prepare them for what they want to do after high school and college.  That is what I love most about my high school.

Tell us about a great teacher that you have (past or present).

The one individual that had probably the biggest impact on my life was my 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Eileen Roberts.  She was one of the first teachers that I had in my school days that I looked at and was convinced she enjoyed what she did, teach.  She also happened to be the sponsor for the school’s National Junior Honor Society.  She instilled ideals in me that couldn’t be taught.  The importance of happiness, leadership and most importantly being yourself; to do what makes you happy, not to be afraid to show your true colors and personality.  There is only one of ‘you’ in this world, she passed on that value not through her words but through her optimistic attitude and her actions.  Without her, I might not be the person I am today.

What is your favorite subject in school?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, I love English.  I feel fortunate enough to have taken English classes with some of the best teachers in the form of the Estrella Foothills English Department/Faculty.  Going into high school I was more of a ‘Math-lete’ than I was a writer, but once I started taking the English classes with several of the teachers at EFHS, I soon traded my math book and calculator in for a pencil and clean sheet of paper.  It really is a joy being around teachers who are not only excellent teachers of their trade but also having as much, if not more, passion about the subject than the student. Without the help and guidance of the EFHS English department I wouldn’t be able to be part of as many clubs and organizations as I am a part of today, nor found the career that I believe is my calling.  For that, I am eternally grateful to each of them.

Braxton is a senior at Estrella Foothills High School



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