Willis Junior High Student, Patrick, Talks Music and His Very Own Blog


Patrick is an accomplished musician playing trombone and piano, he writes his own blog, and dabbles in coding microprocessors. While at Willis Patrick has achieved many accolades and has been recognized often by his peers and teachers for both his enthusiasm and ability.

Q. You are quite the musician tell us about that? (what do you play? How long have you played? What is your favorite song to play?)

A. I play Trombone and piano. I have played piano independently for six years, and the trombone in school bands for four years. I also recently started learning bass guitar/guitar. I play Jazz most often and it’s my favorite genre to play, but I am also an avid classic rock fan. In fact, the Jazz band and our incredible instructor Mr. Studzinski at Willis went on an amazing trip to Louisville Kentucky this year, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! We got to listen to musicians from all around the world, and got to play for some of the biggest names in Jazz!

Q. You write your own blog, where can we read this blog? What is it about? Do you find it hard to blog?

A. My blog, Blogasaurus, is about all things Jurassic. One of my favorite posts was about the scariest creatures from the age of dinosaurs, my Halloween special! I started writing it via tumblr last summer, and have about ten posts since. I have not posted too recently for lack of time, but I have big plans for summer. I don’t find it hard to blog, as I blog about something I love and enjoy. To me, blogging is simply a way of sharing my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions with the world. I also read many interesting articles about my interests, which keep me writing.

Q. What do you love most about attending Willis? 

A. I love the family we are at Willis Junior High. We have individual houses, teams, and clubs, but whether you’re in robotics or choir, we are all firebirds. I also love the teachers and staff we have. They create a friendly environment that encourages students to achieve their absolute best. I sure am going to miss the atmosphere at Willis, but I am still looking forward to starting high school next year.

Patrick is in the eighth grade at Willis Junior High.



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