Willis’ Eighth Grader, Mac, Talks About Her Passion in Reading

Mac is a great student with a voracious appetite for learning. She has an infectiously great attitude about her. She’s a great friend and is quick to include others.

Q. You have many interests. Tell us about some of them?

A. I really enjoy reading and am currently going after 1 million words for our school reading club. I have been playing soccer ever since I was able to kick a ball and made the school team last year. Soccer just helps me focus and get all my thoughts together into one purpose. Because of a recurring knee injury, I have had to take a few seasons off. During this time, I have been focusing on swimming and biking. I also love to use my engineering skills with duct-tape, any color any time! One of my favorite things to do is going on road-trips. I love to travel and my family travels a lot. One interest I got from my dad is all things space, air, and aircraft carriers. I love the concept of space and air travel and being able to see the world from the eyes of space.

Q. What is your favorite pass time out of all of your interests?

A. Honestly, I love to sit down a read a good book. I’ve read almost all the books in my house and make very frequent trips to the library. Some of my favorite books are sci-fi and fantasy based genres like all of the Rick Riordan books and the Michael Vey series. I also don’t have any social media or a phone and so my world is very based on my values at home. I love to be able to come home from school, finish homework and sit down with my family across the dinner table to talk about my day.

Q. You have been a great student in school. Why do you think that is?

A. My whole family is super supportive of me and my interests. I am really motivated and pushed to do my best at school. I always try my best even though sometimes I can’t focus because I need to stay moving, but the teachers really help by creating engaging and interesting assignments that make me want to excel.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your school?

A. Not only are all the students glad to be learning, but also the teachers are glad to be teaching. When the Vex Robotics team had a competition, we created props and decorated the whole gym in Star Wars theme. We have so much fun learning the concepts and every year we become a bigger family and I know that I will always have someone to take my questions to. As an eighth grader this year, I am able to create a house in which the seventh graders can continue. I also enjoy that we have so much diversity at Willis.

Q. What is one fun and exciting thing you did this summer?

A. I really love road trips and this summer, my mom, little sister, and I drove up to the Pacific Northwest to see family, friends, and the environment the Northwest could give. I took many pictures and got to see San Francisco, friends in Northern California, Crater Lake, Friends/Family in Portland, Seattle, and Boise, Idaho. It was so much fun hanging out in the car with my little sister and mom! Every year we, the entire family, go to Newport California for a month, two years ago we went up the East Coast and hit all the historical cities, we have made many trips to Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho for family.

Q. If you had one superpower what would it be?

A. Probably super speed because I could time travel like the Flash and be faster that the speed of sound! I could also finish my homework super fast and help everyone all over the world!

Mac is an eight grader at Willis Junior High.



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