William Talks Healthy Life Stars Program

Q. You are involved in a program called Healthy Life Stars, how did you get involved in this program?

A. My older sisters started to do it, and I joined with them when I was old enough. I love to run and I love to run with my family. Coach Chapman, Coach Lauck and Coach C all coached me to be the best I can be.

Q. What are some things you do in this program?

A. We run and keep track of how many laps around the field we go by collecting popsicle sticks. We also take home a form that we can record the activities we do over the weekend. The healthy life star program also encourages healthy eating habits.

Q. What is your favorite part of being involved in Healthy Life Stars?

A. My favorite part of healthy life stars is that it makes me feel healthy when I run before school starts. I am more awake when school starts too.

Q. You also are involved in many sports are school, tell us about that?

A. I just finished flag football and I am starting basketball now. I finished swimming at the Sunny Slope Pool this summer. I met lots of friends there. Coach Lauck from Healthy Life Stars now coaches me in cross-country. I have met some new friends running cross-country. I love to play sports and spend that time with my friends. My family comes and supports me at my sports and games.

William is a fifth grader at Saint Francis Xavier.

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