West-MEC’s Senior, Nathan, Talks Shop


Q. What do you enjoy most about West-MEC’s Auto program?

A. I enjoy the hands-on learning experience of my West-MEC Auto Technology Program. I have learned things that I never knew I had the physical capability to do. For example, I have learned how to work on air conditioning systems, engine rebuilding and electrical systems.

Q. What is in store for the future?

A. After I complete my program I want to join the Army to become a diesel mechanic.

Q. What has been your favorite thing to learn all together at West-MEC?

A. That’s hard just to pick one because my whole experience has been awesome! My favorite thing was taking out an engine and working on it.

Q. What things do you enjoy doing outside of school?

A. Bike riding and hiking

Q. Do you have anything special planned for this summer?

A. I am going on a vacation with my family white river rafting in Colorado. 

Nathan Schnierle is a senior at West-MEC.



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