How to do well in online school: Tips from Primavera students

There are certainly a number of differences between a traditional school and online high school. Just take it from this article.

Switching to online high school is a lifestyle change. It has its benefits, but it takes some getting used to. Our students can contest to that. But you can excel in the online environment. All it takes is a little discipline and hard work.

It’s easier said than done, we know. We asked students from Primavera Online High School to give some tips for succeeding in online school.

Tips from Primavera Students on How to Do Well in Online School

Tip 1: Stay on Pace in Your School Work

“Don’t Procrastinate! The thing about online school is you have so much time and freedom so don’t say, I’ll do it tomorrow” because that leads to more skips and time sneaks up on you! At the end of the day, the time dwindles down with you being a few lessons short of your finished class!” – Alexis Grittman, 10th grade

“Don’t get behind! When you get behind it is so much harder to catch up! Take it from someone who has been behind it is way easier to just do your
work!” – Kambri Skinner, 8th grade

“Getting behind in a course can cause you to work twice as hard. You also start to get stressed since there is so much work piling up. Staying on pace will ensure that you pass the class and stay away from unwanted stress.” Andrew Asbill, 10th grade

Tip 2: Keep a Schedule and Stick to it

“Some things I do to stay on pace with my school work is keeping a regular routine schedule and staying on top of my assignments.” – Jasmine Guevara, 11th grade

“Always make a checklist of the classes that you’d like to complete and excel in every day! Also, make a strategy for how you’ll complete them.” – Kiiri Martin, 9th grade

Tip 3: Take a Break When You Start Feeling Stressed or Overwhelmed

Know how to stop and relax when things get way too hard. What I do to relax when things get stressful is take a deep breath get some water and read carefully the question or prompt.”- Jamine Guevara, 11th grade

Tip 4: Find in a Comfortable Place to do School Work and Organize it

“Find a quiet place to work so that you can focus and do your best.” – Agelina Backus, 10th grade

“Have different binders or notebooks for each class! Never use those notebooks for anything other than those classes!” – Kiiri Martin, 9th grade

Tip 5: Create Rewards for Yourself to Stay Motivated

“Self motivation is key! When doing online school, you need to have a lot of self discipline! It is important to keep yourself motivated and never
give up!” Kambri Skinner, 8th grade

“Create an incentive for yourself when you finish a week’s worth of work. Mine is a victory milkshake!!” Angelina Backus, 10th grade

Tip 6: Ask Your Teachers For Help

“Ask for help! You know that the teacher may hold once or twice a week sessions but they are available to you for help! I honestly would say reaching out when your stuck or need something is the BEST thing for you to do! They don’t bite.” – Alexs Grittman, 10th grade

“You will have a lot of trouble with courses if you don’t understand something and don’t ask for help. The teachers are always open to help you and there are various ways to get a hold of them.” – Andrew Asbill, 10th grade

Tip 7: Take Notes 

“My second tip is to take notes. While going through courses, a lot of material is covered. Taking notes helps verify what you’ve learned and can go a long way when preparing for the checkpoints and exams.” Andrew Asbill, 10th grade

Tip 8: Strive to do Your Best

“Do your Best! The one thing that’s great is the chance you get to be your best! Don’t finish that assignment at a 90% when you know you can take it another time for that extra 10%. Don’t be afraid to contact your teacher for another chance at that exam that you missed a few questions on! Every grade counts so why not raise your grade when you have the option and know you can!” – Alexis Grittman, 10th grade

“WORK HARD!! Don’t think that just because it is an online school that it is easy! You still have to put the time in. Give it your all to succeed!” – Kambri Skinner, 8th grade



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