Vanessa Talks About Her School Bethany Christian School


Q: What do you love most about Bethany Christian School?

A: My favorite thing about Bethany Christian School is that I am in second grade math. I get to use my doubles and my ruler, and my teacher is very nice.

Q: What is your favorite thing you have learned about in first grade?

A: My favorite thing I have learned about is insects. My favorite insect is a caterpillar because they turn into butterflies in stage four. I also learned about mammals, carnivores and herbivores.

Q: The Variety Show just took place and you told some great jokes. Can you tell us one now?

 A: What’s a cat’s favorite subject in school? Meow-sic!

 Q: What are you most looking forward to when you go to second grade next year?

 A: I am looking forward to meeting my new teacher!

Vanessa Szelest is a first grader at Bethany Christian School.

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