Tyler Talks Piano and School

Q: What do you love most about Bethany Christian School?

A: I love all of the classes and the teachers. I also like that we get to choose electives.

Q: In the Variety Show, you did a great job playing the piano. When did you start learning how to play?

A: I was in 2nd grade when I started playing. I really wanted to play an instrument, and my parents wanted me to start with piano to understand rhythm and I stuck with it.

Q: What song did you play and why did you choose that song?

A: I played Phantom of the Opera. I chose the song because I was able to learn it easily and I like the expression of the song.

Q: What are you looking forward to about being in 8th grade?

A: I am looking forward to new teachers, and being with new friends and new students in middle school.

Tyler Ellis is a 
seventh grader at Bethany Christian School.

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