Ty is a Leader on the Court and Field


Ty is a junior at Phoenix Country Day School (PCDS), and the varsity soccer team’s goalie. He is a stalwart leader on campus, plays both soccer and basketball, and is a tremendous student. Maintaining a 3.8 GPA, he excels in his studies and has developed a passion for teaching. He hopes to move on to a college that will enable him to pursue his teaching interests, allowing him to make a positive impact within the education system.

Q. As the leader of your soccer and basketball teams, what is the most vital quality to have in order for your team to be successful?

A. I think the most vital quality for a winning team to have is the ability to overcome adversity. No team is going to go through the season having everything go their way, and it is essential that difficult times make the team stronger. As my soccer coach says, ‘when you hit rough waters, you just have to row the boat.’ For example, before the state finals, our team bus didn’t show up. Our team had to scatter and jump into multiple cars in order to arrive at the field. Rather than letting this negatively affect our play in maybe the most important game of our high school careers, our team rebounded and stepped on the field in top shape.

Q. What draws your interest to the teaching field?

A. I didn’t initially feel drawn to the teaching field, however, a few factors pointed in its direction. First of all, I realized that I love interactions. Whether it was working at a summer camp or seeing patients at a hospital with my grandfather, I always enjoyed the interactions with people. I seemed especially drawn to the young kids, and in return, they seemed drawn to me. My father’s presence in the field of education has helped me realize that it really suits me, and I would love to be a powerful role model to children which I feel this country needs at the moment.

Q. Do you have a specific subject or age group of interest?

A. I don’t necessarily have a specific age group in mind, and I believe I could find the positive aspects of any developmental stage. The reality is that our youngest kids need our attention the most. Setting the foundation is crucial, and I’d like to be a part of that effort. Additionally, I believe our elementary-age kids, in particular, need more male role models in front of them in the classroom.

Q. What do you spend your downtime doing? What do you like to do for fun?

A. With uniquely challenging school work and numerous athletics practices, I don’t find myself with much free time. I tend to really enjoy my practices, though, and I’d rather be there than anywhere else. The ability to strive for a goal with a crew of teammates is a truly special experience, and I derive significant joy from those endeavors. Outside of the practices, I enjoy down time with my family and close friends.

Q. Do you have your sights set on specific colleges yet?

A. While college is definitely approaching rapidly, I still have a lot of time left in high school, and I want to enjoy that time with my friends and teammates as much as possible. Ultimately, I’ll be looking for a school that enables me to continue my growth–on the fields and courts, in the classroom, and simply as a human being. Something close to a beach wouldn’t be too bad, either.

Ty Rodin is a junior at Phoenix Country Day School.



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