Triple Threat Sarah Talks Acting, Giving Back, and Her Role on The Student Senate

Sarah is an ambitious and hardworking student at James Madison Preparatory School. She has shown growth and maturity as an upperclassman, balancing academics with intense involvement in extracurriculars. As Sarah’s varied after school activities demonstrate, she is both an artistic and athletic individual. Sarah is captain of the school’s color guard, and she is a key player on the softball team. Sarah has also just landed one of the lead roles in the cast of the school musical. Her determination to do her very best makes her a valued member of the JMPS community.

Q. What is your current role in the school’s musical?

A. In the show, ’42nd Street,’ ​I am one of the four principal roles as Dorothy Brock, a classic Broadway diva who stars in the show “Pretty Lady” (the play being put on inside of the musical). Before “Pretty Lady” opens, Dorothy breaks her ankle, leaving her role open to be eventually taken on by the other female lead Peggy Sawyer. I am very excited and honored to have been given this role, and I hope to be able to fill it to the best of my ability.

Q. Next year you hope to earn your Gold Award in Girl Scouts. Can you tell us about what that means?

A. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a girl scout can earn and, consequently, is a massive undertaking. To earn it, a major project must be completed that leaves a sustained and positive impact on the community. You must have completed two leadership journeys, and have completed an additional minimum requirement of 80 hours.

Q. How do you have time to balance your high grades, softball, color guard, the musical and all of your other extracurriculars? Do you have any advice for others?

A. Being this busy, I generally feel as if I never have enough time to do all that I want to get done in a day, so I have to budget the time I have wisely. I generally go to school and whatever after school activities I have that day, then go home, do my homework, and get up and do it all again the next day. I usually complete my short term assignments first, then try to leave long term assignments for the weekend when I have more time. My advice to others is to be creative with your time budgeting, because you never know when you will get an extra bit of time to finish something.

Q. Can you tell us about serving in the school Senate?

A. The Senate’s job is to create and pass legislation in partnership with the House and the Executive Branch. Two senators are chosen from each high school homeroom to serve. As a senator, I help to write legislation that hopefully will be passed. I also participate in debates and vote on legislation, which serves the school. Almost all events planned for the student body begin as legislation written and passed through the student government.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A. This is a difficult question, since I can see myself in quite a few different places in ten years. I think the most prominent scenario is that I will have gone to college and have earned a degree in political science, maybe even have earned a master’s degree. I will have found a job or internship at a local or state government, maybe even one somewhere in Washington, D.C., and be working for a cause I am passionate about.

Q. How has James Madison prepared you for the future?

A. James Madison Prep has done so many things for me. Of course, they have done things like taught me how to write a paper and cite it properly, or how to give a presentation. But one of the biggest things the school has done for me is that it has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons, sometimes beyond my comfort zone. This includes activities like playing multiple sports, being in the plays, playing an instrument, and waving a flag in color guard, often at the same time. These opportunities are ones that I most likely would not have at a bigger school.

Sarah Oven is an eleventh grader at James Madison Preparatory School.



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