Trevor Talks Madison Highland Prep

Trevor is a freshman enrolled in the honors program at Madison Highland Prep. He is also on the student council, plays three sports and has a part-­time job! Read about Trevor and how he does it all.

What do you like best about Madison Highland Prep?

The one thing I most enjoy about Madison Highland Prep is that it is very technologically based. We are allowed to use our own devices at school, and I feel like that creates a good connection for doing school work both at school and at home. Also, if for any reason I have to miss a day of school, I never have to worry about getting behind on my work, since all of our lessons can be found online. Another thing that I enjoy about MHP is that we run on a block schedule. Our classes are long enough that we don’t feel rushed to finish our work, and it really allows us to be more focused and independent.

You have a lot of honors classes, how are you handling everything?

I prefer to take honors classes for many reasons. Although these classes have more work than regular­track classes, we are expected to to be more independent, and that allows me to work at my own pace. Working at my own pace, I can usually complete my classwork and start my homework during class. Another benefit of taking honors classes is that these classes weight my GPA, which allows me to earn above a 4.0 grade point average. Currently, my GPA is 4.33.

You are also on Student Council, what responsibilities do you have?

I currently am Student Council Treasurer. My responsibilities as Treasurer include keeping track of sales that go towards the school, and working with the student body, student council, and administrators to decide where that money goes. Part of my responsibilities are to also organize fundraisers and run student events.

What do you like to do outside of school?

Outside of school, I play three different sports, I have a part-time job, and I recently started designing an app with two of my friends. The sports I participate in include football, basketball, and baseball. Being a freshman, I compete in each of these sports at a varsity level. The app project that I started with my friends is a strategy/puzzle game that greatly relies on reaction time.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future include attending Arizona State University while continuing to play baseball, as well as majoring in Biomedical Engineering. My main focus to achieve with this degree is to create affordable solutions for people with missing limbs. I also would like to study many diseases both genetic and non­-genetic, and attempt to find solutions and cures for them.

Trevor is a freshman at Madison Highland Prep.



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