Trevor Shines On and Off the Court

Q. As you prepare for the Volleyball season, you are also still playing Basketball! Your team is headed to the State Tournament this weekend. How do you juggle two sports at once?

A. In all honestly, I just go through the motions as if I were only playing one. I show up when I can, treat my body right, and mentally prepare myself before I step on either court every time. I’ve always grown up with multiple commitments and this is nothing different. I come early, leave late, I’m attentive regardless if I can participate or not, and at the end of the day I don’t think of it as a job, it’s an opportunity to experience more things in life and expand my abilities as an athlete.

Q. Last time we talked the Boys Volleyball Team at Horizon Honors was brand new. As team captain, tell us how the team is shaping up this year.

A. Looking back at season’s past, I have to point out that our senior leadership this year has been with the program for all four years, and have really taken great strides in bettering their game, and developing a real passion for playing, some going into club volleyball, others hitting the gym and even mentoring some of our younger players. On top of that, I have been noticing that it was not only our seniors that improved, but also the juniors and several underclassmen that since last season have made great headway to becoming fantastic players. I have full confidence they will make for great players on the court, and great people off the court.

Q. A few months ago you committed to play Men’s Volleyball at Grand Canyon University. What are your plans and hopes for college?

A. My hopes are to make a smooth transition to college, which means dorm life, workouts, lectures; it’s all dependent on me now. I also hope to make an immediate impact for the team, weather on the court or off, and my biggest hope overall has to be that I’ll enjoy taking these steps to becoming an adult and moving on to bigger and more successful things, but that’s all internal I suppose.”

Q. Any words of advice to future high school students as you complete your last few months of your senior year?

A. Enjoy the little things, it’s cheesy but true, you only do this once and there’s no going back. So go out, watch some games with friends, go to dances, the takeaway is to make the most out of the time you have here before it’s gone. Live life, and appreciate the things you are given, bless up.”

Trevor Weary is a senior at Horizon Honors High School.

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