Trevor Excels in Academics at Starshine Academy


Trevor is a new student to Starshine Academy and moved to Arizona from Guam with his family this past summer. Trevor has continued to excel in his academics receiving ‘A’ Honor Roll for first quarter and maintaining those grades this quarter as well. Aside from Physical Education, Trevor’s favorite subject is Social Studies. Trevor loves spending time with family and enjoys playing basketball, football and any kind of sporting activities. He likes to hang out with friends when he has the opportunity and has discovered that Main Event is one of his favorite places to go since being in the states. Trevor is a great kid because he is fun, easy-going, and kind to his friends.

Q. What is your favorite sport/team?

A. I love both basketball and football, but I’ll say football is my favorite and my team is the Los Angeles Chargers.

Q. What do you enjoy most about Social Studies?

A. I enjoy learning about History and finding out what has happened in the world around me. Right now we are working on Civics and I’m having fun studying about the U.S. Constitution and the branches of U.S. government. It’s been fun challenging my classmates to see how much we know about the United States.

Q. Can you tell about Main Event? What kinds of things do you do there?

A. Main Event is an Entertainment place that has Laser Tag, Bowling, Arcade Games, an Obstacle Course, Pool (Billiards), and food. When I go to Main Event I try to use the passes that allow you to play everything!!! If that’s not possible, I find Laser Tag, Billiards, and the Arcade to be the most fun. Main Event is such a great place to hang out with my family and friends and have FUN!

Q. Are there any differences that surprised you about moving to Arizona? Is there anything you miss about Guam? What do you like best about Arizona?

A. What surprises me most is the size of the state. The distance I travel to get to school each morning is longer than the island of Guam. I miss my family and friends that are back home on Guam. I also miss my favorite fried rice from Shirley’s and being able to go on my Papa’s boat and swim at Double Reef. What I like best about Arizona is that I can watch football on Sunday, all day! Guam is a day ahead so football games showed early Monday morning and I was always getting ready for school while the games were on.



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