Introducing water to your little one
Take this step by step slowly. Move to the next step when the child doesn’t react to the amount of water you are drizzling over their head.

1. Wet your hand and run your hand from the back of the baby’s head and then over the baby’s face with your fingers gently touching them

2. Cup your hand and bring more water from the back of the head over the babies face

3. Soak a washcloth and gently pull it from back of the head across baby face

4. Continue to progress with increasing amounts of water – use a cup to pour the water as the baby becomes more comfortable

5. 1-2-3 count for all of these steps as the water comes over the babies face

Bath time – warm quiet room
1. Have towels ready on the floor by the tub for when it’s time to get out

2. Great time to nurse/bottle feed and let the baby kick, move

3. Have other caregiver ready to wrap the baby and get them dried, dressed and to bed or lay them on the towel on the floor if you are alone when it is time to get out.
4. Play soft relaxing music during bath-time – hum and sing to your baby

Back time
1. Parents sit legs extended with baby resting on their legs looking at them in shallow tub water. Great to get ears in the water.

2. Pour water over the body to keep them warm. Sing songs.

Shower Time
Shower early and often.

Let water run on their back, shoulders, back of head, over the face
Caution! Soapy babies in the shower are extra slippery!

Put towel on the floor of shower – sit/lay baby on towel when they shower with you

1. It is OK for babies ears to be submerged!

Showers and baths can wear the baby out – help them nap longer and sleep better.



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