Tips For Choosing a Summer Camp For Your Child

Written by: Jerad Hunsaker, Hillcrest Academy Principal

Lord Robert Baden Powell, Founder of the Boy Scouts said, “A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”  As an educator and principal at Hillcrest Academy, I see first hands the rewards that summer camps provide to our youth.  With so many cuts to our school programs, especially in our field trip budgets, summer camps narrow the gap in providing hands on, out of classroom learning.  The top three things I hear most from our students that attend camp are: creating lifelong friendships, trying new things, and cherished memories.

Ultimately the type of camp attended isn’t as important as the rewards of attending one.  Whether it’s a traditional camp, academic camp, adventure camp, boys or girl’s camp, religious camp or even sports camps, the rewards of keeping an active lifestyle both physically and mentally are apparent.  Students who stay mentally and physically stimulated throughout the summer come back to school prepared for the academic rigors ahead of them.

Choose your camp wisely, check into the programs and staff running them.  Find a fit for you and your child.  Be mindful of what is included in the fee, such as lunch, snacks, start and end times and whether or not your child will be covered by program insurance.

Summer camps are another great tool to allow your child to experience new things.  Help them get out of their comfort zone.  If you’re not quite sure which camp is right, start off with smaller week long camps and work your way into longer camps.  Want your child to have the greatest summer yet?  Give them the gift of summer camp!



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