Tianna and Maxim Speak Three Languages

Tianna Polowy and Maxim Rochin are siblings who understand the value of another language.

Q. How long have you been going to ISA?

A. Tianna: Nine years.

Maxim: One year.

Q. Why do you think it is beneficial to be bilingual?

A. Tianna: You can use your knowledge when you travel, it gives you an edge when you apply for jobs and you can learn more things about the world!

Q. How many languages do you speak?

A. Both: Three. French, Spanish and English

Q. What is your favorite part of ISA?

A. Maxim: Singing songs and playing games in Spanish

Tianna: Small class sizes and the teachers

Q. How are you involved at ISA?

A. Tianna: I am the Vice President of the Student Body at ISA. The student council’s mission is to have everyone know how great ISA is!

Tianna is a sixth grader and Maxin is in Pre-Kindergarten. Both attend International School of Arizona.

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