Tesseract Wins Program of the Year for the Herpetological and Crocodilian Program out of all Private Independent Schools in Arizona

The Phoenix Herpetological Society (PHS) is a non-profit organization that takes in abandoned or endangered reptiles and keeps them in a safe environment. The PHS works closely with Tesseract School on a few different programs. One of these programs is when the Society visits the Tesseract fourth grade for an eight week learning experience. Each week, an instructor from the PHS brings a variety of reptiles such as snakes, turtles, tortoises, iguana, monitors, tegus, lizards, crocodiles, and alligators. Their hands-on approach allows the fourth graders to handle and make observations of each reptile. Through the weekly studies and additional research, all fourth grade students become experts on a reptile of their choice.  During the 8th week of the program, the students share the research they gathered at the reptile fair as their final activity.  This program benefits each student, giving them an exciting yet educating experience.

The Herpetological Society also works with the middle school students of Tesseract with a program called the “Crocodilian Study”. In this project, students who wish to participate are required to complete an application form, which is then reviewed by select teachers in order to determine which students should get to participate. The students selected are able to learn about all different types of crocodilians, which there are many of. They act as temporary volunteers at the society going around cleaning cages, feeding them, learning how to properly care for them, and more! Both of these programs are beneficial to the lower and middle scholars’ education.

Written by Amelia Anseth (8th Grade) & Madelyn Anseth (10th Grade)



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