Tesseract Eighth Grader, Abigail, Talks School, Student Body President, and Her Summer

Q. You have been at tesseract for a long time. What is your earliest memory of Tesseract?

A. My earliest memory since starting Tesseract at four months old is probably riding in the red wagon with my nursery friends, although it’s quite a vague one. I also remember always putting on plays in Kindergarten with my friends and spending so much time rehearsing and making the costumes and the stage that we would always run out of time before we could even start the show. Most of my really early memories consist of playing and meeting friends that I still keep in touch with to this day.

Q. You are serving as President in student government this year. What types of responsibilities does this give you?

A. My responsibilities of being President for Student Government this year consist of being a usual spokesperson for the middle school, leading morning meetings and getting to know and be a role model to the rest of the school. We also have regular meetings and get to discuss things we feel like we need to mention in announcements, need changing or ideas to make our community even better. 
Q. What are you looking forward to most as student body President?

A. I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better. However, like always, I have a few ideas for a few fun activities for this upcoming year that will really improve our community. 
Q. What will you miss most about Tesseract when you go into High School?

A. Where do I start? I will definitely miss having my teachers that I have gotten to know so well these past years, and I for sure will miss the individual attention I get as a student. The fun project based learning method will obviously be missed after being able to express my creativity into every piece of work I complete. Growing up with Tesseract being the only school I have ever known, it will be beyond any doubt hard to say goodbye to my “second home”. It’s so hard to think that this is the last year I will spend at this school, but Tesseract has prepared me for my next chapter in life. 
Q. What is one awesome thing you did this summer?

A. Well, I started off the summer with the most amazing trip I had ever been on to Costa Rica with the school. We spent a week speaking Spanish, learning about biodiversity and the rainforest and traveling around one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. My favorite part was going into a freezing cold waterfall in the middle of the rainforest, which I only thought happened in movies. After school got out, I travelled to England to spend the summer with my family and experience all new places around the country, such as Yorkshire, London, Cornwall, and my favorite place, Liverpool, because I am such a huge Beatles fan. This summer is definitely on my lists for best summers ever. 

Abigail is an eighth grader this year at Tesseract.



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