Tessearct Student, Adam, Talks Some of His Favorites

Interviewed by Mrs. Springfield, his second grade teacher

Q. Where were you living last year?

A. Last year I was living in Israel.

Q. Can you tell me what are some the differences living in Arizona than where you were living?

A. Israel is way smaller and I could walk to school.  I could walk to the beach.  It was only two miles away.

Q. I hear you are the oldest of four kids.  What are some of the advantages (or disadvantages) of being the oldest?

A. I get to be on the top bunk since I am the oldest.  The bad thing is when my dad reads stories; I can’t see the pictures because I am on the top bunk.

Q. Can you tell us what are some of your favorite things to study in school and why?

A. At school I like math because I like numbers.

Q. Have you thought of anything you would like to be when you grow up?

A. I’m not sure.  I think I want to be a skier.  Whatever I do I want to travel because I don’t want to stay in one place.

Q. What is something you love to do on your free time?

A. I like playing cards with my brother and playing outside.

Q. We have heard you really like Minecraft.  Can you explain what about it that you enjoy?

A. I like it because my dad’s work is an architect and Minecraft reminds me of it and when my dad is away it helps me think of him,

Adam is a second grader at Tesseract School.



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