Tennis Player, Charlie, Succeeds at Brightmont Academy

Since the age of four, Charlie has overcome many obstacles, including his diagnosed autism. Today at age 17, he continues to need support for reading and staying focused.

Charlie’s parents knew that the traditional school setting might not be the right fit for recognizing and building on Charlie’s strengths. As they were looking for another option last summer, they discovered Brightmont Academy, a school that specializes in one-­to-­one instruction. After talking with the campus director, it seemed like a good fit for Charlie, and he enrolled in August 2014.

Charlie, who is an incredibly social student, takes his core classes at Brightmont Academy, and then he participates in electives like ceramics, P.E., world history and theology at Bourgade Catholic High School. He is also a passionate tennis player and plays for the tennis team at Bourgade. Brightmont Academy provides him with the flexibility he enjoys to train for tennis during the week while also ensuring that he stays on track with his academics.

“Charlie is doing incredibly well with the one-­to-­one instruction model at Brightmont Academy,” said Susie, Charlie’s mother. “He has always been a happy boy, but he is thriving at Brightmont Academy. He has made new friends, he really enjoys his teachers and he can focus on schoolwork without getting distracted.”

Charlie is 17 and attends Brightmont Academy, Deer Valley Campus.



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