Tearing Down Walls and Building Bridges

Father Scott Santarosa, SJ, Jesuits West Provincial, invited the Jesuit Ministries in Arizona to create an advocacy plan of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the DACA/DREAMers program. In the collaboration effort , Brophy, St. Francis Xavier School, St Francis Xavier Parish, and Kino Border Initiative created a plan for action and prayer. A call in to our Senators and Representatives was held to urge them to support a Clean Dream Act. A 9-day Novena was held to pray among our communities. Four SFX students, who are great artists and care deeply about this social justice issue created an art piece for the prayer card. Kate Claypool, Carolina Limon, Jasmin Caballero and Diego Dupont generously shared their time and talent. Listed below are their thoughts on their efforts.

Kate Claypool – When I see the people holding hands, I see solidarity and unity. They search for a better life together. The butterflies signify change since a butterfly goes through metamorphosis. We were thinking about tearing down walls and building bridges. We were trying to make an effect to show the butterflies were transforming from the bricks. The butterflies represent freedom. Together we can build bridges.

Jasmin Calballero – When I see the picture, I see people who are going out of their country to have a better future and better opportunities. The butterflies are different colors to represent diversity. The parents brought their children from other countries for a better future. The road represents moving into a future of hope. The people in the background are coming out of the shadows and supporting the DREAMers. When we stand together we are stronger. Together we can break down walls.

Diego DupontThe main idea behind the picture was transformation and unity. The butterflies represent transformation as in the stages of their life they transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I think we need to come together to transform the world to be more welcoming to all of our brothers and sisters. We came together and combined our ideas to make the piece, which reinforces our idea of unity.

Carolina Limon – When I see the wall I think of people breaking down barriers and doing new things to help future generations. The butterflies and the bricks show transformation, it shows that something that we think is negative can transform into something beautiful and positive. The people in the shadows represent the people that feel like they do not have a voice. The people in the middle represent hope for the future and the path they are on is leading them to the future.



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