Students Help Fix Up Family’s Home

For its class service project this year, the St. Thomas the Apostle eighth grade class completed a St. Vincent de Paul Fresh Perspectives home makeover. On Saturday, December 13, a group of about 50 eighth graders, and many of their parents, spent the day remodeling the home of a family in need. The project was organized by eighth graders Bridget Kelly and Maggie McGuire. “We wanted to do a service project that would bring the whole eighth grade together,” Bridget said. Local businesses, including Dorn Homes, Maloney Plumbing and Sleep America, also supported the students’ efforts. Maggie McGuire: “It definitely started as paint and patch, but it’s really gotten bigger than that.” After a week away, the family got a look at their remodeled home: new flooring, windows and doors; family pictures and murals on many of the walls; a new play space in the yard; and a Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays. Bridget: “It was a lot of work. I was kind of nervous that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off.” Not only did they pull it off but they went above and beyond.



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