Students Create Spy Gadgets at SMoCA

PHOENIX, AZ – What does a dragonfly, umbrella, and mannequin all have in common? They are all futuristic spy gadgets imagined and created by high school students that are now on display at The Young@Art Gallery Spy Studio Exhibition.

In a distinctive collaboration between The Design School at ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and South Mountain High School, Boulder Creek High School, and Paradise Valley High School, students attended workshops and pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology to create the prototypes featured in this gallery. The Dragonfly (created by Shelby Zigba with assistance from Juan Vasquez) is a camera drone that resembles and would be scaled down to the actual size of a dragonfly! Blending into its surroundings, it would maneuver around a space and capture sound and video undetected by any of its subjects. The Dragonfly is just one of the ingenious creations that is on display from September 23, 2014 to January 18, 2015.

All the student participants benefited immensely from this collaboration and mentorship. Not only did they explore issues relating to product design, but they also gained the confidence to transform their ideas into reality. Efren Enriquez, a student at South Mountain High School, reflects, “My learning experience was taken to a whole new level. I learned to think ‘outside the box’ and collaborate more. Overall, it helped me learn a lot about the design process and have fun while working with my team to build a spy gadget.”

Spying and surveillance technology have become omnipresent in the news and in our daily lives. Due to these bright, young artists, innovative designs like these could pave the way to solve real-life issues in our rapidly changing world.



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