The Story of Hannah Goldstick, Online High School Student & Accomplished Violinist

Hannah is a freshman at Primavera Online High School, and has been playing since she was little. She has become an incredibly accomplished musician who spends hours each day practicing. As she grew and went into high school, the schoolwork and practice load started to become a demand, so she switched to online high school, as Hannah said.

“When I was around 12, I started to become really serious with my violin playing. In middle school, it was a constant struggle to find time to practice, do homework for my advanced classes, go to rehearsals and have downtime. I would often have to get up early to practice before going to school and stay up late to finish practicing/homework,” said Hannah. “We knew that with online school, I would be able to balance practice time and school work… so we switched to Primavera.”

Since making the switch to Primavera, Hannah has more time for practicing and attending competitions and music camps.

“I can work at any time on any day of the week and I can also take my schoolwork anywhere,” said Hannah. “Also, if I have a big competition or performance coming up, I can work ahead so that the days before the performance, I can rest and prepare. Primavera’s flexibility also allows me to attend summer camps that may go into August.”

One challenge Hannah sometimes faces in online school is separating home life from school life. Her advice to others: Take breaks to shift your mentality.

“One of my main challenges was balancing my work and home life,” said Hannah. “Separating these two mindsets is sometimes a struggle, but I find that when I time myself and allow breaks, it makes it a lot easier.”

Hannah has been invited to play a movement of a concerto with the Symphony of the Southwest in November, and is performed in her first national competition in April.

“Doing online school has helped me so much and has allowed me to work even harder than before,” said Hannah. “I am very lucky to be able to spend so much of my time doing what I love, while still being able to get a really great education.”



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