STCS’ Famous People Wax Museum

Every single person has a story and learning from each other helps us form the people we will become.  Saint Theresa Catholic School Class of 2019 proudly presented their Famous People Reports.  The third grade students read a biography of a famous person and took notes for a written report.  They learned about the trials and tribulations of their famous person’s human experience.  With the guidance of the art teacher, they created portraits of their famous person and with the help of the computer teacher, generated a timeline.  The students dressed up as their famous person and presented their reports to their proud parents.  STCS students were able to view the Famous Persons on campus by touring the first ever Famous People Wax Museum.  By pressing a “button”, students could activate a Famous Person for a mini presentation delivered in a free verse poem.  Congratulations to our Famous Third Graders on a job well done!

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