STA’s Third Graders Write Letters to WWII Veteran

One Saint Thomas the Apostle students, Hank Hubbard age nine, brought in an American flag magnet to show to his third grade class. Hank got it at the Papago Military Base a few weeks ago. On the back on the magnet it explained who had made it. The beautiful magnet was made by Stanley Rzempoluch, a 92-year-old veteran who served in World War II. Stanley asks that anyone who receives a magnet writes to him. Hank wanted his third grade class to write letters and draw pictures to brighten Stanley’s day. The students thanked him for making the magnet, keeping us safe, and serving our country.

Q. You recently brought a magnet to school and had your classmates write a letter to a veteran…can you tell us more about this?

A. Stanley was veteran in World War II and is 92 years old. He makes three magnets for each state and I was lucky to get one. The magnet is a little piece of wood that has painted popsicle sticks and stars on it to look like an American flag.

Q. What has been your favorite part of doing this for Stanley?

A. My favorite part of doing this for Stanley was getting to write to him because it meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me because my cousin is a Navy Seal overseas right now and my other cousin was also a Navy Seal who passed away in battle last year. It is still hard on my family so this was something special for me.

Q. What are some things that your classmates wrote to Stanley to brighten his day?

A. Most of my classmates said thank you for the magnet and thank you for serving our country. That would brighten his day because he probably does not get many letters and he served in the war a long time ago. A lot of us drew pictures of an American flag too.

Hank is a third grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.

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