STA’s National Junior Honor Society President, Sophia

Sophia is the National Junior Honor Society President for her school. She has done a fantastic job organizing a variety of fundraisers this year for various organizations. She is a wonderful young person who understands the meaning of giving back to her community. She enjoys singing and performing with The School of Rock, as well as tennis, baking, traveling and reading.

Q. Do you have a favorite book?
A. Of Course I have a favorite book! That’s like asking someone if they can breath! The best book of all time, or series rather is definitely Ranger’s Apprentice. The books are about Will, who starts as a 15 year-old boy and grows into a full-fledged ranger. He is taught by no other than Halt, also known as the greatest fictional character ever written in history (sorry Harry Potter!). Nothing can beat Halt. From his sarcasm to the way he can scare the living daylights out of his enemies! However, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Will! He’s just a lovable character that you get to see grow as you read the books! I can read these books hours on end! They immerse me in a world I never knew would be so wonderful! So, thank you John Flanagan, the author, for having such a creative mind!

Q. What is your most memorable travel spot? Do you have a destination you’d like to visit?
A. I don’t have a particular favorite travel spot. In fact, I don’t even favor urban or rural. I love traveling and I am very fortunate that I was able to travel to some amazing places on this planet! If I had to choose two places that I would love to visit again I would visit Paris and Maui. See, I love Paris because of the city and the international culture. In Paris, we took the metro everywhere, and I loved that! I love to explore places that are so unfamiliar and different. However, I also love Maui. Maui was much more rural than Paris. Since Maui is an island, you’re surrounded by water. I, being the fish that I am, absolutely love water. I will stay in the ocean all day and never get tired. The ocean is a vast city, full of different fish and structures. There is nothing more magical than being able to swim along fish and turtles. So, even though Paris and Maui are extremely different, I love both of them very much! If I were to visit a place I would visit Greece. I love to see how people live there and their cultures. Also, Greece has so much history and beauty within it. There is something about traveling that makes me so excited! I definitely want to travel the whole world within my life.

Q. Are there other performers in your family? Where did you get your knack for stage performances?
A. I’m the only one who really sprouted from my family to be a stage performer. The people who taught me everything I know about my stage performance is the wonderful people at School of Rock Scottsdale (not the movie!) and my singing instructor, Kendall. Some of the people from School of Rock (Michelle) really gave me a boost in my love for singing. School of Rock gave me the gift of confidence. However, the one who helped shape my voice into the singing voice is no other than Kendall. She is the most wonderful singing instructor I could ever ask for! We have the best times in our lessons! (Sometimes I can’t quit talking to her!) I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now without School of Rock or Kendall!

Q. Can you tell us about the fundraiser you’re currently working on?
A. Yes! I would absolutely love to! As President of National Junior Honors Society (NJHS), I, and all NJHS members and officers and Student Council, have taken the initiative to host a large fundraiser to help Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue. Our goal for the fundraiser is to raise $2,000 dollars for the rescue. We will achieve this by having a mini carnival for pets and their owners alike! It’s on February 2nd from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School. All of the proceeds that we receive from the fundraiser will go straight to the rescue so they can help animals who really need love and support! We want to help many organizations this year; whether it’s through service or a fundraiser, all we want is to give!

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A. In 10 years, I see myself graduating from my master’s degree and starting a career. Of course, I would have to travel the world first. I will go to places like Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Australia, and Bora Bora. I hopefully will have tried Calamari and fish (I do not like fish right now!) My friend Ava and I will be living in New York City achieving so many different things. (However, we will also be having movie nights, eating McDonalds, and fantasizing about how we will act like when we are grandmas living in an old folks home). I will be either a lawyer or business woman. Most importantly, I will be working extremely hard towards my goals. Even though all of these are dreams, I really believe that you should always shoot for the stars. Since, even if you miss, you may land on the moon, and the moon is a pretty good place to be.

Q. Has STA contributed to who you are today?
A. STA has most indisputably contributed to who I am today. First of all, learning about the faith shapes you into this virtuous person full of love. Also, believing in God helps me to understand who I truly am and makes me confident. I know where I stand and to never be afraid. I take any challenge set in front of me and never give up on my goals. The people at STA care deeply about you, motivate you, and are proud of you. This is especially true for my teachers. My teachers make me so ambitious and hardworking. They make me so thrilled to learn and dig deeper. My friends also contribute to who I am. They always show their love and support in everything that I do. Through my teachers, friends, and faith, STA has truly shaped me into the person I am today.

Sophia Rowan is an eighth grader at St. Thomas the Apostle.



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