Starshine Academy Student, Brennen, Talks His Love of Animals

Brennen loves all things animals! Brennen also enjoys school more than most kids his age. He enjoys science more than other subjects. Brennen is the most affectionate, caring young boy. He always compliments people, and his manners are stellar!

Q. You are an animal lover. Tell us about that? What is your favorite animal? DO you have any pets? What is one thing that made you an animal lover?

A. My favorite animal is a Bearded Dragon. But I really love all reptiles. I have a Fancy Leatherback Bearded Dragon that is about two years old, and I got him for Christmas in 2014.  He’s about 19.5 inches long and a beautiful orange/red color. I love giving him a bath, watching him eat and snuggling with him. I enjoy the feeling of having a once wild animal trust me and love me.

Q. You love school, what is your favorite subject to learn about?

A. Math, only because we don’t do much in Science yet. I enjoy being about to figure math problems in my head without paper.

Q. What is your favorite part about attending Starshine Academy?

A. I like that there’s a lot of fun ways to learn. Also, all the teachers are very nice.

Q. You recently learned how to play chess, are you enjoying this? Tell us more about that?

A. Yes, I am enjoying chess. It makes me think hard about my next move and to have patience. My teacher told me that chess could help with real life things.

Q. If you could have one super here power what would it be? What are some good things you would do with this power? 

A. My super hero power would be to transform into anything I wanted.  I would help the police catch bad guys. I would also help animals if they were hurt.

Brennen is a Sixth Grader at Starshine Academy.



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