Starshine Academy Sophomore Shines on the Court

Q. You play volleyball tell us about that?

A. I’ve been playing volleyball for four years and it’s the highlight of my day everyday. I first started playing in seventh grade and I knew from the start that volleyball was what I wanted to do. I play for the Starshine Academy volleyball team. Starshine is where I started playing. I play all positions in the game, I love to set and spike but being in the back is just as good.

Q. What is your favorite thing about playing volleyball?

A. My favorite thing about playing volleyball is no matter how good or bad you are you’ll always be able to play because it’s not hard to learn. Another thing I like about playing volleyball is how you have to focus on the ball and where it’s going in order to keep it up in the air.

Q. You are head captain of the team! Tell us about that?

A. When I was told I was going to be captain, I was shocked. Being captain comes with many responsibilities. You have to make sure all the girls have everything they need. Also, when a day comes that the coach can’t make it to practice, you have to step up and be able to show them what they need to be doing. I love being captain despite all the responsibilities that it comes with. 

Q. What is the best thing about Starshine Academy? 

A. In my opinion, the best thing about Starshine Academy is the people. Everybody knows everyone and we all have respect for one another, we’re like a family and that’s the best feeling, to know you have people there for you 100%.

Jessica Layton is a Sophomore at Starshine Academy

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