Stage Dreams Youth Theater Presents Mulan Jr.


Recently, Stage Dreams Youth Theater’s vocal director, Emily Freed sat down to chat with six wonderful young ladies from the program. They are all set to play Mushu, the dragon in SDYT’s upcoming production of Mulan Jr. coming this January and have a lot of interesting things to say about the show!

Q. What is Mulan Jr. about?

Katherine: [Mulan] is this girl who is destined to become a beautiful bride [like most women], [but] she’s not that type of person. When her father is called to go to war, she goes in his place.

Makenna: [Mulan] is struggling to fit in with women’s society. So she goes on an adventure to try to fit in, but finds out that it’s much harder than she thought it was.

Emily: Everybody is counting on [Mulan] to fulfill her destiny… So she goes to war dressed as a man and basically has to try and not be discovered.

Tessa: A girl disguises herself as a man to fight in the Chinese army for her father.

Q. Who is Mushu?

Rilee: Mushu is a character who just wants to prove himself.

Audrey: Mushu is a tiny dragon who made some bad decisions.

Emily: Mushu is a super energetic character who just wants to impress people.

Tessa: Mushu is like every Disney sidekick. He’s very fiery, funny, spunky and just an over all cool guy!

Katherine: He’s a fire breathing dragon who used to be an ancestor but got kicked out for a mistake [involving] Confucius, a silk worm, and the near downfall of a dynasty!

Q. What do you like most about the play?

Audrey: I love solos!

Emily: I love being able to go into a world other than reality.

Makenna: The whole story behind it was very cleverly put out and all the characters are very fun in their own unique way.

Tessa: Definitely be as loud as I want whenever I want because it’s my character. I don’t get to do that normally!

Q. What do you find most challenging?

Rilee: Probably learning my lines are most challenging.

Audrey: I find dancing challenging sometimes.

Emily: Memorizing the choreography and going out where cues are.

Makenna: My character is very cocky and that’s a hard character for me to play.

Tessa: Mushu has a very strange [singing] range that goes from one of the lowest notes I can hit up to outside of my range.

Katherine: Definitely my rooster crows!

Q. Which do you prefer more: singing, dancing, or acting?

Rilee: Acting! I definitely like that best.

Audrey: I like acting the most because you can just be yourself!

Emily: I love acting. You get to play around with characters and find what works and what doesn’t.

Makenna: Singing and acting are my favorites, but I like acting just a little bit more.

Tessa: Easily acting, I love it!

Katherine: All three!

Come and see these fantastic kids in Stage Dreams Youth Theater’s production of Mulan Jr. at GCC’s Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available at or by calling 623-252-9001. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

January 11, 12, at 7pm and 13 at 2pm and 7pm

January 18, 19 at 7pm and 20 at 2pm and 7pm

January 25, 26 at 7pm and 27 at 2pm and 7pm

Stage Dreams Youth Theater, follow your dreams!




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