STA Student Shines Academically and Talks about Her Passion for Soccer

Sofia is a true leader! She has a warm smile, and has an incredibly positive attitude. She is also extremely disciplined and active, often motivating others, faith driven and enjoys trying to inspiring others.

Q. You have consistently attained Principle’s List tell us about this?

A. I make studies a priority. Every night I complete my homework right away, and I also strive to do extra when time is available. I love mathematics and science so those two subjects have always come easy to me. Each year I aim to exceed my academic potential, by going above and beyond in learning new things. For example, over summer, I brushed over algebra skills so I would be ready to go come the Fall at STA. I am a person of dedication and determination when it comes to academics.

Q. What have you received Academic Excellence & Achievement Awards for? How did you feel when you won these awards?

A. Last year, I attended a public school for my first time. I received the Academic of Excellence and Achievement Awards at their Annual End of School Year Ceremony. There were around 15 of us who received these awards out of 250 Students. These awards were given out based on showing creativity, critical-thinking, communication, problem-solving, and listening skills. I felt very proud to receive these awards, and I was honored that they chose me out of all the students. In addition, it was nice to be recognized for my hard work.

Q. You play club soccer tell us about that?

A. I play for SC Del Sol currently, and I am a three- year Veteran. I have been playing soccer since Pre-School. I can remember my first practice was held at Kachina Park in Arcadia.

I am a utility player, often playing attacking midfield and forward. I especially enjoy playing attacking midfield, because you get the opportunity to be the playmaker: dribbling, passing, shooting, attacking and defending. Playing soccer you need to be physically, mentally, emotionally fit. I not only attend 3-4 1.5-hour practice sessions, but also make time to focus on sharpening my skills and fitness at home.

Q. What are some things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A. My favorite place in the whole world is the beach, most especially, Coronado. I love feeling the ocean, the waves and the sun. Surfing and boogie boarding are two of my favorite beach activities. I also enjoy walking, hiking, running, dribbling the soccer ball and swimming. I love reading and learning about History. My family and I love to travel and explore new places whenever we have the opportunity.

Q. What is one thing you are looking forward to most in the upcoming school year? What will you miss most about STA after you go to high school?

A. I am excited for a new adventure/chapter in my life. I know I will have many more opportunities ahead. For example, I am hoping to get to do track and field, in addition, to soccer. Also, I am looking forward to focusing on Engineering and Architecture – two areas that I am passionate about.

I will miss the Teachers at STA, the smallness of a school, my classmates, the friendly atmosphere, and lastly, the accessibility to Church and Religious Studies in a smaller setting.

Q. What makes STA a great school?

A. I think one of the best things about STA is its great community of families, teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for a student’s success, and a warm and friendly front office staff.

Sofia is an eighth grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle School



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