St. Thomas the Apostle Eighth Grader Caroline Boeckman Talks Sports and Cooking

Caroline is an excellent student and a stellar soccer player! She is always kind to all those around her, loves her family (especially her older siblings) and friends and enjoys cooking in addition to many different sports!

Q. Can you tell us about golfing with your grandpa? When did you first take an interest?
A. I started golfing last year after my parents signed me up for a summer golf camp. Up to that point, I had never played golf before, but I was willing to try. Although I was not the very best at golfing, I continued to get better and I started to really enjoy the game. The past two summers, I have started to golf with my grandpa at his golf club in Flagstaff. My grandpa continued to help me with golfing and playing with him during summer has been very fun!

Q. Tell us about your soccer and basketball teams.
A. I started to play soccer when I was four years old in Colorado. I continued to play for my recreational team until I was six. Then I began to play for a club team called Real Colorado. When I was nine, I moved to Kansas and began to play for a new club called Sporting Kansas City. I played in Kansas for two years, then I moved to Phoenix. I began playing for a club in Phoenix called Sc Del Sol when I was 11. I have been playing with them ever since and I continue to love it! This past year, I began playing for Sc Del Sol’s Development Academy, which I have enjoyed very much so far. Along with soccer, I have been playing basketball as a side sport. I started playing for my school team in fourth grade. Playing basketball for my school has been very fun because I get to spend more time with my classmates and represent my school!

Q. What have you learned from your older brother and sister?
A. When I was born, my sister had just started eighth grade and my brother had just started sixth grade. They have continued to be such amazing role models for me that I still look up to today. Now that I’m older, I appreciate what they have done for me even more! I have made so many fond memories with them that I will never forget! They have taught me so many things, but I’ve learned most from them just by watching and learning from their experiences.

Q. What’s your favorite recipe?
A. Ever since I was young, my mom has made the most amazing Chicken Pot Pie. It has been my very favorite dinner that she’s made, mostly because she’s always made it with many bread rolls!

Q. What advice do you have for those who also juggle their academics, study habits, and athletics?
A. Recently after school, I have had more practice time at night than homework time. Generally, I have four practices a week, sometimes three hours at a time. To balance my homework and sports, I try to bring homework with me in the car and maximize the time. Even if I even have thirty minutes at home between school and soccer, I try to get as much homework and studying done as I can.

Q. Who do you look up to the most?
A. I most look up to my older cousin Taylor. She is five years older than I and she has just started her freshman year of college. I look up to her because I can really relate to her. She knows exactly what it’s like to be working hard at school and sports. In high school, she worked hard in her classes while also playing for the golf team. She has continued to be someone I look up to mostly because she and I are both going through the same things.



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