St. Thomas the Apostle Eighth Grade Graduate, Michael Mansour

Michael Mansour is a recent graduate eighth grader from St. Thomas the Apostle School. He will be attending Brophy College Preparatory in the fall. 

Michael is an exemplary student and wonderful example to younger students. He enjoys playing soccer and football. He currently plays with Madison Futbol Club Soccer and will be going out for freshmen football for Brophy. Michael also enjoys volunteering his time altar serving, St. Mary’s food bank and St. Vincent DePaul. At STA, he was in National Junior Honor Society as well as the Apologetics Club. What makes Michael stand out is that he is himself. He doesn’t try to put on masks or act differently to impress. He is himself and is a dedicated, caring and loyal friend to everyone. The second oldest of six children, Michael has a great relationship with each of his siblings and is a great example to all.

Q. How do you think St. Thomas the Apostle has prepared you for the future?

A. St. Thomas prepared me to be well rounded and work hard in everything. I feel confident to take the next step towards high school. St. Thomas has really good teachers and I have a great group of friends.

Q. Can you tell us about your volunteer work? 

A. I really enjoy altar serving and helping to be part of the mass. I also enjoy volunteering and serving people who have less then me. It makes me feel grateful for all that I have.

Q. What is your involvement in the Apologetics Club? 

A. We look to find answers and truth through our Catholic faith and understanding other faiths and why we believe what we believe.

Q. What do you hope to teach your siblings?

A. I want to teach them that no matter what anyone says about them, that they know who they are. That God loves them, no matter what, and that is enough. I also hope to teach them to be respectful to everyone.

Q. What are your summer plans?

A. I plan on taking Brophy biology in summer school. I also plan on doing Brophy summer football and weight training. Our family will also go to Dallas to visit family.

Q. Favorite football team? Player?

A. I love watching Georgia Football.  My favorite player is Herschel Walker.

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