St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Schools’ Violin Club

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School has a Violin Club that is directed by Ms. Erin Burley.  For over 6 years students have learned to play the violin using the Suszuki Method.  Ms. Burley directs anywhere from 20-25 students in this club ranging in grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Her students have recitals and play in concerts through the year.  The students in Violin Club practice together once a week and also participate in private lessons with Ms. Burley.  The students shown on the cover are just a few students that are in Violin Club, but have also auditioned and made it into local orchestras.  Megan Scheller, 7th grade has played since the 2nd grade and now plays for the West Valley Orchestra.   Katie Herro is in 6th grade and plays for the Phoenix Children’s Orchestra and Gabriella Konopka is in 6th grade and plays for the West Valley Orchestra as well.   Congratulations!  Keep it up girls!

Megan-  “When I play the violin, I escape from the world around me!”

Katie – “Violin is my outlet, I don’t know where I would be without it!”

Gabriella- “I love music so much.  It is so beautiful.  When I play the violin, I feel peaceful and safe.”



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