St. Thomas the Apostle Eighth Grader, Annabel, Excels in the Classroom, Playing Sports and On Stage

Annabel is a star in the classroom and on the sports field but most important, she is kind and takes care of others. She was elected as the Co-Lead Ambassador of the STA Student Ambassador Program and has received Notices of Commendation from STA Faculty this year for leadership, kindness and willingness to help. Not only is Annabel an Honor student, she plays STA volleyball and softball, and participates in theater as well. She is currently cast as Young Simba in STA’s musical, The Lion King, and also maintains a prominent member of Desert Stages Theater and Encore Dance Center. Annabel completed 232 volunteer hours last summer in Desert Stages Counselor in Training program.

Q. It seems you have a tremendous involvement at STA. Are you following in your siblings’ footsteps?
A. Saint Thomas the Apostle students are all given huge opportunities to participate, to serve and to lead. All of my older siblings made good use of those opportunities. In that sense, I guess I am following in my siblings’ footsteps. However, I am also creating my own path and capitalizing some different opportunities than they did.

Q. Last summer’s community service hours logged is very impressive! What are your duties as Counselor in Training at Desert Stages?
A. Being a Counselor in Training (CIT) at Desert Stages Theater Summer Camp requires a lot of time and a lot of hard work, but it is also a lot of fun! A big part of the CIT job is to help the young campers overcome their fears of being on stage and/or speaking in front of people. We are also responsible for making sure that everyone is nice and encouraging towards one another. Each three-week summer camp session runs Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm. All of the CITs work the same hours as the other counselors. Each day we arrive an hour before the campers to get ready for the specific events of the day and we stay an hour after the campers leave to clean and organize so that it is a fun and safe environment for everyone. This was my first year as a CIT, but I have been a camper there every summer since I was five. I am hoping to move up to a Counselor this summer!

Q. What is entailed in your role as Co-Lead Ambassador at STA?
A. The Student Ambassadors program is involved in a lot of school events including our Open Houses for prospective families and community outreach projects. Some outreach projects include Treats for the Troops and the Giving Tree Project. As a Co-Lead Ambassador, I work closely with our STA leader, Mrs. Hudgins, to help organize these events and projects. My main job is to communicate with the other ambassadors and ensure they know what they are supposed to be doing and when. After the other ambassadors fulfill their jobs, they report back to see what else needs to be done.

Q. Where do you find the time to balance STA sports, theater, dance at Encore and maintaining high grades?
A. Maintaining theater, school, dance at Encore, sports, and high grades is very hard to do but I am very motivated to do it! I have so many interests that I love and I want to continue to do them all for as long as I can. Of course, I always put school first.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. For fun, I like to hang out with my siblings and friends. I enjoy watching movies, cooking, baking, tumbling, and singing.

Q. What has been your favorite theater role?
A. My favorite theater role so far is definitely Rosa, the evil stepmother in Cinderella: A Ragtime Musical. This was one of the more challenging and difficult roles. It helped me stretch as an actress and mature a lot in my acting skills.

Q. Your natural leadership ability is quite evident. Do you think this will play a part in your future career choice?
A. I think the leadership skills that I possess will likely play a part in my future career choice because it comes so natural for me and a really enjoy helping things “work.”

Annabel is an eighth grader at St. Thomas the Apostle.



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