St. John Vianney Student, Gabriela Ventura, Shines on the Court

Gaby is in love with volleyball and is looking forward to the start of the season! She’s very confident about her abilities on the court and gives it all in any sport she participates in. Gaby’s an excellent student, loves to read and is known on campus for making friends wherever she goes. Her outgoing personality leaves an impression on everyone she meets and she’s known for making friends in an instant.

Q. How long have you played volleyball?
A. I started when I was in fourth grade. I had seen the girls passing it and I wanted to join them. They let me play and asked me to serve it and I got it over the net in one try. They had asked me if I had ever played and I said no. They were shocked and asked me to join the volleyball team in fifth grade. I did and I have played since then.

Q. What is your favorite book?
A. I really can’t pick a favorite book. All of them are my favorite. I especially like love/drama books. They have the most feeling with each page you read. Books are absolutely incredible.

Q. Can you tell me about what you love about school? What’s your favorite subject of study?
A. School is actually really amazing. My friends and teachers (shoutout to Mr.Costello and Kinsy) are incredible. They are all so nice and help me when I’m confused or just don’t get it.

Q. Can you tell us about your family?
A. I have my mom and dad and my four siblings. My oldest brother just started attending high school and the second youngest just started pre-k. They are all so amazing and I couldn’t do anything without them.

Q. What do you enjoy doing with friends?
A. Everything really. Whether it’s doing class work together or going to hangout with them at their house. They are all so amazing and even my guy friends are incredible too.



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