Spanish Kiddos May Student of The Month

May student of the month title goes to Caelan Adele Stanton, in her spare time she enjoys gymnastics and dance. When asked about Caelan her mom said, “She loves dancing to Clarity by Zedd and is currently really into the entire Frozen soundtrack.” Here is what Caelan had to say:

What do you like best about Gymnastics?

I like to flip on the bars and do cartwheels.

Where do you attend Gymnastics?

The Little Gym of Gilbert

What is your favorite dance? And favorite song to dance to?

I like to do tap and ballet at Artistic Dance Motion, but I love to dance any time!

What is the best thing about Spanish Kiddos?

I like going to class with my friends and my teachers.

What is your favorite Spanish word?


Caelan is in Pre-K at Spanish Kiddos 



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