Sophia Braccio Starts Her Own Newspaper

How did you start this classroom newspaper?
Back in 3rd grade I wanted to know my classmates opinion on something, so I decided to take a poll to see what their choice would be. After that, some of my classmates wanted to know the results. During this same time I was reading a book and in the book one of the characters wrote a class newspaper, so I decided that along with posting the poll results, I would also do a class newspaper…The 3rd Word. Everyone ended up loving it so I continued publishing it monthly. When 4th grade started my classmates wanted to know if I was going to do the newspaper again, so this year we have The 4th Republic.

What is your favorite thing about running your own newspaper?
I like getting the inside scoop on things, and then sharing it with others.

What are the topics that you cover in the newspaper?
Our monthly newspaper always has a cover story, as well as a few other smaller articles. We usually have a poll, and sometimes a contest. There is also a sports column, a cooking column, a comic strip, an “Ask Shirley” column, and a “Cool” column.

What role do you play?
I am the cover story reporter, manager and publisher.

Do you have classmates that help you? What are their roles?
Yes, I have a great team! Connor Islas is my comic strip artist, Aria Tseffos writes the “Cool” column, Meg Samuel does sports, Emma Zorn does the “EZ Cooking” column, Valerie Tucker is my reporter and “Ask Shirley” wishes to remain anonymous.

Is this something you want to do as a career when you get older?
I’m still deciding, but yes, either a writer or a marine biologist.

Outside of school, what do you do for fun?
I am involved in an afterschool creative writing club, Girls Scouts and I take ballet. I also really enjoy reading!

What is the best thing about attending STCS?
I feel I am getting a great education and I get so many wonderful opportunities to be involved in my school and church. Also, my teachers are really supportive and always listen to my ideas.

Sophia Braccio is a 4th grader at Saint Theresa Catholic School 



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